Dock Floatation Material

Permafloat Dock Floatation >> More on Permafloat

Float drum are rotationally molded eliminating seams that can cause separation and leakage. They are made of .15” thick shells made of prime poly ethylene with UV inhibitors. Tough enough to withstand damage from the sun, saltwater, freshwater, debris, gas and marine organisms. Float drums offer the latest in ease of construction coupled with great last ability. Comes with a 15 year manufacturers warranty.

Stock sizes
2’ x 3’ 2’ x 4’ 4’ x 4’ 4’ x 5’ 4’ x 6’ 4’ x 8’
12” Drums - checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
16” Drums - checkmark checkmark checkmark
Dow Styrofoam float buoyancy billets >> More on Dow
Buoyancy billet material is composed of millions of tiny non-interconnecting air cells each with serving as an independent buoyancy chamber. Lightweight, easy to install, resists marine organisms and won’t lose buoyancy even if punctured.
8’ 9’
7” x 20" checkmark checkmark
10” x 20" checkmark checkmark
10” x 24" checkmark

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