Marine Hardware, etc.

We carry a broad selection of the highest quality Hot Dipped Galvanized Hardware (HDGH). Our HDGH goes through a hot dipping process in Molten Zinc acknowledged by most authorities as the best way to apply a heavy uniform coating to nails, bolts, washers and rods. In this process, the HDGH are completely immersed into a vat of molten zinc, similar to french-frying potatoes. Multiple layers provide lasting protection.

Our HDGH provides your best solution for the most demanding environments for hardware such as seawater, freshwater, soils, concrete, abrasion etc.

Selections include

Rods - Tie Rods 3/4"- 1 1/4" from 1/2"- 1 1 1/4" in all lengths, All thread rods

Bolts - Timbers, Machine, Carriage, Lag, Eye

Washers - Timbers, Dock, Flat, Plate

Nails - HDG nails, SS 316 nails

Other Dock hardware (anything else available to order)

Male/Female brackets, Inside/Outside Corner brackets, Screw eyes, Washer plates, T-connectors

Filter Cloth
We carry the best woven geotextile filter cloth fabric which can be used to help reduce soil erosion, seepage and offers added protection for bulkheads, riprap reventments and other problem soil areas.

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