Pressure Treated marine lumber and Piling

Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) is the lumber of choice for creating treated lumber and piling. SYP is strong, durable, cost effective, dimensionally stable, renewable and importantly highly treatable. Treated lumber infused to create wood which is resistant to insects, marine borers, fungus and rot subject to conditions.

CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) treated lumber is commonly used in marine and industrial projects and widely considered to be the best treatment for the greatest protection and lifespan.

Treated Lumber Stock availability
We stock dimensional lumber in 2”/3”/4” x 4-12” widths in lengths up to 24’
Piling is available in 6”-12” butt diameters in lengths from 12’-45’
Class B piling is available in lengths from 20-60’
Call 631-909-4617 for more information on our inventory, and make your special order today!
Walers and Tongue & Groove (T&G)
We stock walers in 6x6”, 6x8”, 8x8” in lengths up to 20’ typically and up to 24’ on order.
– 20' 24'
6 x 6” checkmark on Order
6 x 8” checkmark on Order
8 x 8” checkmark on Order
T&G is stocked in 2” and 3” x 10” in lengths up to 16’
– 16'
2” x 10” checkmark
3” x 10” checkmark
SYP Treated Piling is widely used for:
Pressure Treated Piling
Piers and docks
Mooring / float piles
Foundation piling

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