Tropical Lumber Piling & Decking

Our tropical hardwood offerings consist of the best industry products most desirable for marine related installations such as Greenheart piling and wales and IPE and other decking. Tropical lumbers are particularly effective for piers, docks and other large scale installations such as ferry terminals due their superior strength and resistance qualities.

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Greenheart or “Chlorocardium rodiei” has rapidly become a leading material for sustainable and environmentally friendly applications due its lack of harmful chemicals, superior strength and durability. It also has high shock resistance, great crushing strength, high density and is resistant to marine borers. Piling is typically available in lengths which range from 12 feet to 75 feet long with diameters on the larger end (Butt) of 12” to 16” typically. Greenheart piles have an average taper of only 1” in diameter for every 15 lineal feet delivering a large surface.
Greenheart Wales
We offer stock inventories of greenheart wales in 6x6”, 6x8”, and 8x8” dimensions with lengths typically of 16-20’.
16 – 20'
6 x 6” checkmark
6 x 8” checkmark
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Tropical Decking
Tropical decking is available readily in various species and can be custom ordered for others.
Most popular are:

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